Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A New Look At Confederate General John B. Hood

From the Jan. 12, 2013, Yahoo! News "Historian Reviews Southern General's Record, Revises It Via New Critical Study."

This is a review of the book "John Bell Hood: Extracting Truth From History" by Thomas J. Brown.

John Bell Hood was "a controversial and often criticized Southern general" generally held to blame by Lost Cause advocates.  Past studies have "characterized him as a rash, overaggressive and lacking in strategic imagination" man "limited logistically to the frontal assault."

He is especially skewered by his actions at the battles of Franklin and Nashville.

The book makes a case for him "as a bold, imaginative and complex leader."  He was arguably a capable if not great brigade or divisional commander, but had flaws when it came to commanding an entire army under his own direction as occurred at Atlanta and the two battles mentioned.  Then there was always the mess at Spring Hill.

Should be An Interesting Read.  --Old Secesh

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