Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Tree Where the Confederacy Took Root-- Part 2

The tree is 75-foot high with hanging Spanish moss and is estimated to be 350-400 years old.  It is located in an oak forest just off SC-46 and is on a private development known as Stock Farm.  There are several private developments around Bluffton and therefore, very rich folk.

Emmett McCracklin, owner of Stock Farm Antiques, former owner of the land, will be happy to direct you to it, saying that most people just drive by it.

Bluffton has a lot of history, but also is usually passed by by people heading by on US-278 to the rich enclaves of Hilton Head.

The Bluffton Historic District is a square mile of old shops and homes.

Mighty Old Tree With a Lot of History.  --Old Secesh

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