Thursday, January 3, 2013

If That "Don't" Just Yank My Chain

 Hopefully, I'll keep this entry on subject.

Two recent items of interest in the Heritage Attacks area.

1.  Dec. 28, 2012-- The Confederate flag and flagpole was stolen from the Barrien County Courthouse in Nashville, Georgia. about 30 miles north of Valdosta.  It is part of a memorial erected by the Barrien Light Artillery Camp of the Sons of Confederate Veterans who raised $18,000 for the project.  Evidently, someone is saying they don't care for the Confederacy.

2.  From the Dec. 27, 2012, Huffington Post--  "Joe Arpaio Accepted Award From Confederate Heritage Group: The infamous sheriff "gratefully accepted" an award from SCV last year," from something called Salon.  The sheriff is from Maricopa, Arizona, accused of racial discrimination, received the J. Edgar Hoover Law & Order Award in October 2011.

Now, I am not too sure I've heard of this sheriff, but I did hear there was some issue in Arizona over discrimination and a sheriff who is hard on his prisoners.  Perhaps this is the same man.  But to try to paint his receiving an award as being something "damning" because it came from a Confederate group is a bit far.

Sort of strange that it would take them so long to find this item out.  Plus, the SCV, Sons of Confederate Veterans is "a controversial Confederate heritage group."  Of course, is it controversial to be proud of your ancestors?  Especially when so many groups out there do nothing but bad mouth their good name?

It sure doesn't take long to figure out this is a very biased, slanted attack on all things Confederate.

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