Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Gettysburg Map May Be Auctioned-Or Destroyed

From the May 27, 2012, Philadelphia Inquirer by AP.

The 1960s-era large electric battlefield map was taken down by the National Park Service in 2008 after the new museum and visitors center opened and is now in storage.

The NPS wants to auction it off, but would have to receive a waiver from the General Service Administration because it contains asbestos.

It was created by Joseph Rosensteel who grew up on the battlefield and whose family founded the park's original museum.

His grandfather had collected artifacts after the battle when he was a teenager while helping to bury bodies.  Those thousands of items became the basis of the museum when it opened in the family farmhouse in 1921.

Joseph Rosensteel spent five years researching troop movements over the 6,000 acre battlefield starting in 1938.  The current map to be auctioned was built in 1963 out of plaster and concrete and was built for the centennial of the battle.

Hoping Someone Gets It.  Way Too Much History to Let Go.  --Old Secesh

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