Saturday, January 26, 2013

"Heart's Blood:" Flag Saved By Him Needs Saving-- Part 1

From the May 25, 2012, Times by Charles Stanley.

Sgt. George Poundstone of Grand Ridge, Illinois, was mortally wounded but focused on saving his country's flag.  He stuffed it into his tunic to keep it from capture.

Today, that flag, stained with his blood, is stored flat in a cabinet in Springfield, Illinois, along with hundreds of other similar banners and awaiting funds for restoration.

Poundstone was in the 53rd Illinois Infantry regiment, organized in Ottawa in 1861-1862.  He was 32 and single when he joined in November '61.  On July 12, 1863, outside of Jackson, Mississippi, the 53rd was ordered to charge Confederate fortifications.  In just 40 minutes, half of the regiment had become casualties.

The 53rd commenced the attack with 250 officers and enlisted men and finished with just 66.  The eight members of Poundstone's color guard were all killed or wounded.  After the battle, the Confederates brought 3 flags and 200 prisoners into Jackson, including Poundstone who had been shot in the thigh, left eye and heart.

One Brave Man.  --Old Secesh

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