Saturday, June 29, 2013

And Now, The Rest of the Story: Those Three Captured Confederates-- Part 1

From the May 23, 2013, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette "A Postal Service event in Gettysburg features descendant of rebels in stamp photo" by Tom Barnes.

Clete Dolinger of southwest Virginia had known the three Confederate prisoners shown in the famous Matthew Brady photo were his ancestors ever since 1949 when he was ten years old.

"The soldier on the right is Andrew Blevins, and he was my granddaddy's granddaddy.  The one on the left is his son, Ephraim Blevins, and the one in the middle is my grandmother's great uncle, John Baldwin."

Dolinger made the six-hour trip to Gettysburg today where he will speak at the U.S. Postal Service event unveiling the new Gettysburg stamp of Pickett's Charge on July 3, 1863.

More to Come.  --Old Secesh

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