Saturday, June 8, 2013

Battle of Swan's Quarter

From the Encyclopedia of North Carolina.

Now we're talking about a battle I have never heard of before, but an indication of activity taking place along the coastal areas of the state.

The battle took place March 3, 1863, just over 150 years ago.  Union troops from Company G of the 1st North Carolina Infantry (that's right, a Union regiment, accompanied by the gunboat North State under the command of Captain Colin Richardson set forth from New Bern aboard the steamer Escort on a foraging expedition.

On March 3rd, the Union troops (consisting of about 250 men) ran into an ambush from about 80 Confederate troops.  Despite their numerical superiority, the Union troops were thrown into confusion by the sudden gunfire.

Once rallied and with support of howitzers, the Federals began driving the Confederates back towards Swan's Quarter.  Richardson received word that there were some 200 more enemy troops approaching, Richardson ordered a withdrawal to New Bern.

Richardson reported the loss of 4 men dead and 15 wounded.

Not That Big of An Action.  --Old Secesh

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