Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Confederate Prison in Georgia Yields Hundreds of Artifacts-- Part 2

Other artifacts found on the site include a tobacco pipe with teeth marks in the stem (used for wound or amputation?) and a picture frame folded and kept after the daguerreotype (photo) was lost.

Once the artifacts are cleaned and preserved, they will go on exhibit at a museum the Department of Natural Resources is building at Magnolia Springs State Park (located by Camp Lawton).  It is expected that the museum should be open by late summer or early fall..

Students from Georgia Southern, located in Statesboro, will begin digging more into camp's site, especially into the areas where the Union prisoners were quartered as it is believed that they abandoned most of their belongings when the camp was evacuated.

Plans are also to search for the sites of the former Confederate barracks, officer quarters, hospitals and other structures which would have been built outside the compound.

Lance Greene, anthropology professor from the school says, "There's a lifetime's worth of work here.  I can see that I would retire still working there because it's such an incredible site and so well preserved."

Glad They're Doing This.  --Old Secesh

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