Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sorry About No Posting Yesterday, Blame It On the Hawks

I had planned on a post about the Civil War stamps. but, like I said, things got in the way.

Between yardwork and shopping in the morning and afternoon and this little old hockey game on TV last night in Boston, there just was not enough time, particularly after that little old hockey game.  There was celebratin' needed to be done and we were just the folks to do it.

However, we were not downtown in Chicago at Division Street or Wrigleyville.  We did alright at little old Tommy's here in Spring Grove where some hundred or more folk had gathered to watch the game.  The place got mighty loud at the end.

With two minutes to go in the third period, we sure figured it would be home in Chicago for game seven, but, then there was that amazing 17 seconds.

Go Hawks!!!  --Old Secesh

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