Monday, June 10, 2013

Heritage Attacks

3-5-13:  In Palestine, Texas, the Dogwood Trails Festival denied the John H. Reagan Camp of the SCV from having a booth at it, saying it was "politically divisive."  The camp, however, not to be denied, will set up a booth two blocks away on their land where they are building a memorial plaza to the the Confederacy which they plan on dedicating in April.

3-5-13:  In Memphis, Tennessee, city workers removed signs with the names from the city's Confederate parks.  This was done before a proposed law forbidding the renaming of parks passed in the state.

2-24-13:  Sutton High School in Ontario, Canada, barred students from wearing depictions of Confederate flags because of "racial symbolism."

It seems that there are some big problems in Canada these days.

And, It Keeps Right On Attacking.  --Old Secesh

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