Monday, June 10, 2013

Heritage Attacks

It just continues, but first, some reasonable news in this area.

**  March 9, 2013 Charleston, SC, Post and Courier reported that a Civil War re-enactment was held at Whiteville Elementary School and that there were Confederate flags and re-enactors present.  Third grade teacher Viola Alford, who is black, however, said that their presence played into the learning process and that the past is not always neat and tidy.  "It's all part of our history.  It is best to know how it resulted in a war."

Parents were told of it and if offended, their kids could skip the event.

**  February 19, 2013.  Rockingham Board in North Carolina passed a resolution to rebuild a Confederate statue honoring veterans which had stood in the center of a traffic circle in Reidsville since 1910.

**  March 6, 2013--  Hamilton, Ontario.  A Canadian barbecue restaurant named Hillbilly Heaven had a Confederate flag painted on its exterior was vandalized because of it.  The owner said he wasn't racist.

Canada Too??  --Old Secesh

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