Thursday, May 1, 2008

Confederate Flag Banned

The Confederate flag has been banned from display at Independence High School in Williamson County, Tennessee, evidently near Nashville. As of this week, all students have been banned from wearing or carrying Confederate flags. The reason was that it could lead to racial tension.

Now, just looking at this, that got my Confederate dander up. Just one more example of pcing my heritage.


This all started this past Friday when a student showed up on school grounds with two large Confederate flags flying from his vehicle and a rope tied to look like a noose on the cab. He was given five days in school suspension.

The flags would be alright with me, but not the noose. Then, I found out that the student calls himself Cooter and, on his MySpace page says that he is a racist. This is NOT someone we need furthering the cause.

Monday, ten students were called into the office for "inappropriate clothing." I take that to mean Confederate flags on shirts.

There have been threats of fights on campus since then.

Williamson County schools have also been the scene of racial tension four other times this year. Racial graffiti has been found in two different middle schools.

This whole affair is sad. It only makes defending the flag that much more difficult when we have people like the student defaming it.

As If We Didn't Have Enough Problems. --B-Runner

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