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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Civil War Signs Installed in Pennsylvania-- When Confederates Come-A-Knocking

From the August 28, 2008 Cumberland County (Pa) Sentinel.

Seven signs were recently installed in and around Shippenburg which was briefly occupied by Confederates before the Battle of Gettysburg. All signs have photos and information.

** Former Union Hotel at the intersection of King and Earl Streets. It was repainted and renamed the Sherman House as Confederates approached (in fear that Union House might draw their ire).

** Former home of General Samuel Sturgis at 20 West King Street. Native of Shippenburg and hero of the Battle of Antietam.

** McPherson and Cox Hardware store where the proprietors outsmarted Confederates intent on looting their store.

** Confederate headquarters at 1 West King Street.

** Marker for the Cumberland Valley Railroad.

** Home of Captain James Kelso at 110 E. King Street. Looted by Confederates, but family escaped.

** Widow Agle home at 340 E. King Street. Supported herself and three children by sewing and tailoring after the death of her husband in Georgia.

Two more will be added by the Pennsylvania Civil War Trails program.

Lesser-Known History of the War. --Old B-Runner

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