Friday, December 31, 2010

My Introduction to the Civil War All Those Years Ago-- Part 2

Earlier this month, December 15th, I wrote about how Fort Fisher was the inspiration for my being such a Civil War nut. That is why this blog is so heavily into that fort and Wilmington during the war.

Just three years later, we entered the centennial of the war, and that became hook, line and sinker. I was hooked.

We still lived in North Carolina until sixth grade when we moved to Illinois. There was that great American Heritage Illustrated book with those neat maps with little soldiers all over them.

It wasn't too hard to use our Davey Crockett rifles in Civil War battles as firing them with the ramrod was till the way to do it.

Plus, I must have gotten at least three of those Blue and Gray toy soldiers sets. We had some great battles over Burnside Bridge. Of course, my brother and I always argued as to who would get the rebels. Being oldest, I usually got them.

What I Am So Civil Warred. --Old B-Runner

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