Thursday, December 23, 2010

CSS Peedee Found-- Part 1

From the December 21st WIS-TV Channel 10.

The CSS Peedee was destroyed by its crew March 15, 1865, to prevent its capture by Union forces. Until now, the exact location has not been known, but 18 months after underwater archaeologist Chris Ameri confirmed the presence of two of the three Peedee cannons (a Confederate Brooke Rifle and a Union Dahlgren smoothbore), near the Confederate Mars Bluff Navy Yard, he believes he has located it.

He notes that the Peedee is not resting as a complete wreck, but in many pieces across the namesake Peedee River.

Back in July 2009, he conducted an unsuccessful search for the missing third cannon.

The Peedee was built at the Confederate Mars Bluff Navy Yard, one of seven such warship construction sites built inland so as to be protected from US Naval incursions.

Always Good to Find Something You Lost. --Old B-Runner

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