Thursday, December 23, 2010

Confederate Fort Huger-- Part 2

On May 8, 1862, in conjunction with McClellan's Peninsular Campaign, Commander John Rodgers led a naval squadron up the James River and shelled Fort Boykin. The ironclad Galena and gunboats Aroostock and Port Royal steamed to Fort Huger and began shelling it. The Galena steamed pass the fort seven times and was never damaged.

On May 12th, the USS Monitor and USS Naugatuck ascended the river and attacked Huger again, but caused no damage.

Five days later, US Marines and sailors occupied Fort Huger which had been abandoned. The guns were spiked, carriages burned and magazines destroyed

From a 2010 Virginia Civil War Trails marker.

Wonder Why the Confederates Abandoned the Fort. --B-R'er

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