Monday, April 4, 2011

ECU Grad Students Explore Blockade-Runner-- Part 2

The Modern Greece was believed to have been destroyed at the time, but a storm in 1962 uncovered the ship 300 yards off Fort Fisher and in 25 feet of water. Divers found the blockade-runner in tact along with its cargo.

They recovered 11,500 artifacts. Some of these were immediately conserved and placed in museums all over North Carolina. However, due to the size of the find, a lot of the artifacts were placed in tanks and left for future conservators..

We're coming up on the 150th anniversary of its sinking and the 50th year of the wreck discovery next year.

Eleven East Carolina grad students and two student interns from nearby UNC-Wilmington were put on the task to study the type, amount and condition of the still "undiscovered" artifacts in the tubs. They photographed, recorded, catalogued and determined future conservation needs of each item.

Then they were put in new containers for future work.

Hey, I Would Have Volunteered for the Work. --Old B-Runner

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