Thursday, April 7, 2011

Federal Government Kaboshes Fort Sumter Commemoration?

It took Confederates two days to shut down Fort Sumter out in Charleston Harbor. It may take the federal government one moment this week if they are unable to come up with a compromise and pass a budget.

And this comes at a really bad time as a lot of things are planned for this weekend and leading up to the April 12th 150th anniversary of the opening of the Civil War.

No budget and the first things shut down are the National Parks and Historic Sites. That simple.

A light display is planned for this Saturday "From Unity to Divided Nation" starting this Saturday at dusk. A single spotlight will be shone into the air until early morning April 12th, when it will be split into two at the moment the first shot was fired. Then the light will go out as a shell is fired over the harbor two hours later.

Of course, this may all come to naught if things aren't decided.

Come on Politicians!! --Old B-R'er

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