Tuesday, April 12, 2011

That Fort Sumter Firing Sure Had an Impact on Me-- Part 1

Even to today, the Confederate firing on Fort Sumter has had a profound impact on my life. That is why I became a history/social studies teacher for 33 years. This is why I joined Chicago's Civil War Round Table and why I am a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

This is why I wanted to write a book on the Battles of Fort Fisher until others did so. I'd still like to write one on General Whiting or Colonel Lamb, the fort's commanders. This is why I majored in history in college and took every history class I could in high school.

While a student at Northern Illinois, I rarely went to the library, but after I graduated, I'd go back and spend hours on end researching Fort Fisher in the library's stacks.

This is why poor wife Liz was dragged to more battlefields than she ever wanted to visit. And, why, even without kids, I don't have as much dough as I might. And, let's not even get into the clutter in my study.

Way Too Much Influence on Me. --Old B-Runner

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