Friday, March 9, 2012

Back to the Colonel's Sword Coming Back

From the March 5th WTVA "Civil War sword unites two families" by Allie Ware.

Confederate General William Rogers' sword was a big attention-getter at the Crossroads Arena in Corinth, Mississippi, this past weekend. (Well, actually he was a colonel.)

Allen Wandling, who now owns it, said Rogers was a hero, "He charged the fort three times. [He did so] twice with his horse, and the last time he picked up the Texas flag, he had his sword in his hand. He charged the fort and was shot eleven times."

His remains are still on the field where he fell.

Knowing the sword's history makes it even a rarer Civil War relic. One member of Wandling's family in the 63rd Ohio actually was fighting against Rogers at the battle.

Not only that, but the great-great-great grandaughter of Rogers, Leslie Eckert, heard about the sword being there and came from Texas to see it. "It gives me goosebumps. Growing up, I had heard the story from my parents and seen the lithograph print in our den that depicted Williams P. Rogers on the battlefield at his death. I had always heard about him, but coming to Corinth brought it to life."

Wandling doesn't know the value of the sword and has no intention of selling it soon, but didn't rule out the possibility of its coming back to Corinth at some time in the future.

I would also have liked to know the history of the sword after it was taken from Rogers up to the time Wandling got it.

I Find That Fascinating. --Old Secesh

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