Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fort McAllister Flag Comes Back

From the Friends of Georgia State Parks "1864 Confederate Flag Returned to Georgia."

This sure made the staff at the fort near Savannah's day. A visitor to the historic site asked site manager Danny Brown if he would like to have an original flag that flew over the fort when it was captures.

Robert Clayton of Maine was visiting the fort. After moving into his father's home, he was going through a closet with his son when they came across a cardboard box with old letters and flags. One was a Confederate flag captured by his great grandfather, Union Major William Z. Clayton, in 1864 at Fort McAllister.

It had remained in the Clayton family for almost 150 years and by it was a handwritten note from his great grandfather to return it to Savannah or Atlanta. Said Clayton, "During the war my great grandfather had lost a Bible that was returned to him. I guess this is our way of returning the favor. I felt good about sending it back."

On April 21st, the park will be hosting a public dedication of the flag. It was restored by the Georgia Preservation Lab and now is displayed in the Fort McAllister museum.

According to the April 4, 1862, it was presented to the Confederate troops by Mary Knox of Savannah.

Always Good to Get Something Back. --Old Secesh

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