Friday, March 9, 2012

Some More on the Monumental Bronze Company

A few blog entries ago, I wrote about this company that provided reasonably-priced statues to towns wanting to honor those who served and died for the Union during the Civil War. I imagine there were several of these companies and they more than likely sold to both northern and southern states.

This would make a good subject for a book. There are so many devoted to the war, but not many of the post-war, non-Reconstruction ones.

From Wikipedia.

The Monumental Bronze Company was from Bridgeport, Connecticut and was classified as a monumental mason firm operating from 1875 to 1912. They specialized in what was called white bronze, called zinc today. It was one of many such companies selling zinc ornamentals.

Hear That. A Book! Somebody. I'd Sure Read It. --Old Secesh

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