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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Some More Bad News for Confederate Veterans

From the March 21st Lexington (Ky) ABC WTVQ-DT and Louisville (Ky) Courier-Journal.

Well, it had to come to an end sometime, and that time is about here. But it has been some 50 years since the last pension application.

Kentucky's General Assembly is just now getting around to ending the state's Confederate Pension Fund. On Feb. 29th, the House passed H.B. 85 and it is now in the Senate where it has passed committee.

Truth be told, there is no money in it anyway, and, as I already said, no one has applied for one in fifty years. Probably something to do with death.

If it passes the senate, there will no longer be the $50 a month pension for Confederate veterans and their widows or the $100 death benefit to pay for funerals. Kentucky Union veterans outnumbered their Confederate counterparts two-to-one.

Of course, one never knows when another teen bride of an old Confederate veteran will turn up. There were a lot of them, especially during the depression.

One More Nail in the Coffin. --Old Secesh

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