Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Civil War Markers Here in Illinois

Continued from the Feb, 13, 2012, blog entry.

From the April 19, 2011, Huntley (Il) Patch.

Located in the Huntlet Cemetery on Dean Street.

Grave of C.M. Smith, 52nd Illinois Infantry. Died 1881 at age 39. His gravesite has a footstone and a headstone from the government issue.

The grave of 1st Lt. Thomas Jackson, wounded at Brice's Crossroads, Mississippi, and died from wounds June 22, 1864.

The Monumental Bronze Co. of Connecticut sold the statue in the Huntley Cemetery. They had agents criss-crossing the states after the war armed with catalogs. Towns were looking to erect memorials to their soldiers , usually a soldier statue and this is what the company provided. Statues sold for $450 and were made of durable white bronze. Most often the statues portrayed a uniformed soldier at parade rest with rifle lowered in front of him.

Another example can be found in the Woodstock, Illinois, town square. This statue was seen in the movie "Groundhog Day."

I'm not sure whether or not they also sold statues to former Confederate states.

Making Money After the War. --Old Secesh

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