Wednesday, July 3, 2013

As We Commemorate the Last Day of Gettysburg-- Part 1

From the June 18, 2013, USA Today "War never left Gettysburg" by Chuck Raasch.

As we look back 150 years ago today at that bloody field in southern Gettysburg.  The battle that wasn't supposed to be, but put the first nail in the coffin of what was to be the Confederacy.  The second one came the next day, July 4th at Vicksburg.

"The battlefield is never totally at rest."  Even with the busloads of school children getting out of school for one or more days.

"But 150 years ago this July 1-3, this rocky, gentle roll of Pennsylvania hills went overnight from 'this peaceful place to a terror that is unimaginable.' according to documentary-maker Ken Burns.

Gettysburg began ten days of remembrance June 28th, but the battle will never be at true rest until people like the Clarks of Vermont quit coming.  Erwin Clark, 80, Janet, 75, and their son Bradley, 46, came here to see where an ancestor, a 21-year-old from Addison, Vermont, died July 3, 1863.  He died before daybreak that day, one of the first of the many casualties on the battle's last day.

"The seemingly invinceable Robert E. Lee reached too far and events turned inexorably in favor of preserving a union of North and South."

Lots of Gettsburg in the News These Days.  --Old Secesh

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