Saturday, July 27, 2013

Confederate Soldiers Make Front Page

From the July 18-24, 2013, Lake County (Ill.) Journal "Civil War: Reenactment brings history to life."

This was essentially a photo essay of one page, but, there on the front page, Confederate soldiers, ranks formed, facing the enemy and those overwhelming odds.  And, I didn't hear that the group that must not be offended was offended.

On page 13, the headline "Lessons from the Civil War."  A photo essay of six pictures by Candace H. Johnson.

The front page and photo essay were taken at the recent Civil War Days Re-enactment at Lakewood Forest Preserve near Wauconda, Illinois.  This year, the Battle of Champion Hill was re-enacted.

Photos were of Mike Lipe of Moline, Illinois, portraying a Confederate soldier in the 4th Texas Infantry, giving aid to the wounded.  Then, there were two young children receiving first-hand information about rifles from Mike Flaig, a member of the 10th Louisiana, Austin's Battalion Sharpshooters.

Dr. Emmett Miller was doing magic tricks.  Andrew Livesay, 11, of Wauconda was portraying a Union flag bearer with the 8th Illinois Cavalry. 

Larry Werline of Springfield portrayed Union General Ulysses S. Grant.  John Luna of Tinley Park portrayed Confederate General Stonewall Jackson.  Both these men did an admirable job portraying the generals.

Always good to have the kids getting interested in the Civil War or any aspect of history for that matter.

Forward the Colors.  --Old secesh

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