Saturday, July 20, 2013

As We Commeorate the Last Day of the Battle of Gettysburg-- Part 7: The Christian Commission and Aftermath

Ten years ago, John Wega quit his job to move his family to Gettysburg to open a museum and ministry devoted to the story of the Christian Commission.  This organization enlisted men and women to follow armies to minister tospiritual and physical needs.  After Gettysburg, dozens of the members stayed to attend the wounded, bury the dead and feed doctors, nurses and burial details.

"We are dedicated to not telling just the story of the fighting, which is an incredibly compelling story, and there are so many what-ifs," says Catherine Lawhon, the NPS spokeswoman at Gettysburg.  "But there is an important story of the aftermath and the recovery and what happens when the armies leave Gettysburg, and that kind of culminates with the Gettysburg Address."

Some families returned to destroyed homes and farms, and 'some of them never recover.'"

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