Monday, July 22, 2013

OK, So I Know It's Horribly P.I., But...

It sure did my heart good.  And, as you know, P.I. refers to politically incorrect.

This past Saturday, while walking along Il-120 in McHenry, Illinois, going from the Fiesta Day festivities on Water Street by the Fox River to see what was going on along Green Street, I espied with my little eyes something I didn't expect to see, especially in these days of political correctness and whatever you do, do NOT offend two groups or risk all sorts of censure.

There was a pick up truck heading east with a Confederate Naval Jack, the Confederate Battle Flag as most people perceive it, waving from the bed of it.  Sure did me good.  I know I wouldn't have had the courage to do it. 

There were very few blacks at Fiesta Days, so they wouln't be offended.  It wasn't an in-your-face statement which, unfortunately is all too often case and one of the reasons they hate the flag so much..

Thank You, Mr. Heritage.  --Old Secesh

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