Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The 14th Vermont Volunteer Infantry Regiment-- Part 3

Of the 960 men who originally mustered into the 14th Vermont" Killed in Action 18, Died of Wounds 9, Died of Disease 39, Died in Confederate Prison 1, Murdered 1.  That "Murdered" one would be an interesting story.

From Gettysburg Stone Sentinels Site:

The 14th had 647 men at Gettysburg and were commanded by Col. William T. Nicholls in Stannard's Brigade.  Thety fought valiantly despite being near the end of their 9-month enlistment.

They have a substantial monument on the battlefield near Pickett's Charge.  During the battle, they lost 19 killed, either 67 or 76 wounded and 21 missing.

The monument was dedicated on June 2, 1899 and stands 14.6 feet high.

The Story of a Regiment.  --Old Secesh

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