Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Battle of Gettysburg-- Part 9: A lot of "Ifs"

Driving back home to Addison, Vermont, the Clarks talked about how the young Myron Clark must have felt during his last hours alive and how "a whole other branch of the family would have been in our town had he not been killed."

"That is the essence of Gettysburg, a place remembered not only in the movements of armies, but in what-if moments, big and small.

What if Lee had not added 'if practicable' to his orders to Confederate Gen. Richard Ewell on July 1, and Ewell had pushed his tired men to take barely defended high ground that could have turned the battle for the Confederates on the first day?

What if Joshua Chamberlain of the 7th Maine had not convinced 116 men under arrest for desertion to join his defense of Little Round Top and them, out of ammunition, persuade his men to fix bayonets and charge down the hill to save the Union's left flank?"

What If?  --Old Secesh

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