Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Those Poor Re-enactors At Lakewood This Past Weekend

Our weather here in northeast Illinois has turned from a whole lot of rain  (two floods in the Chain of Lakes) and cool temps to very hot, humid and hardly any breeze.  And, that is not even mentioning the bumper crop of mosquitoes we have from all that spring rain.

I can stand hot and humid as long as there is a good breeze so this is very hard on me.  Any bit of yardwork results in a total sweat soaking.

This past weekend, there was the annual Civil War Days Re-enactment at Lakewood Forest Preserve in Wauconda, Illinois (Lake County).  It is one of the largest in the state.

I didn't go because of the Ribfest festival in Lake in the Hills (featuring CCR and Eagles tribute bands) and our favorite local band, Soda, playing at Captain's Quarters on Fox Lake.

We had hot and humid and very little breeze both days so I had to feel sorry for those poor re-enactors in their wool uniforms.  That had to be absolutely miserable.

Well, at least the skeeters have a hard time biting through the wool in the uniforms.

Not a "Cheatin' Situation."  A "Sweatin' Situation."  --Old Secesh

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