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Friday, December 27, 2013

"Gone With the Wind" Items Displayed-- Part 2

David O. Selznick early on in the filming decided to avoid mentioning the name Ku Klux Klan, even though it was a "meeting" of this organization from which Rhett Butler had to rescue the wounded Ashley Wilkes and several others.

In addition, the "N" word was not used.

Hattie McDowell, Mammy in the movie, and Butterfly McQueen, Prissy, were three dimensinal characters, yet they were also stereotyped.

The exhibit also has the dress Scarlett O'Hara was wearing in the Shantytown scene, Bonnie Blue's velvet dress from her final scene and Belle Watling's burgundy velvet jacket and fur muff.

And, There Are More Things. --Old Secesh

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