Monday, December 30, 2013

The Lincoln Burial Flag

From Civil War Talk. //// In preparation for Lincoln's state funeral, the U.S. Treasury Department telegraphed Annin & Co., and ordered 37 U.S. flags with 36 stars. The thing was, however, that there were just 35 states in April 1865, with Nevada slated to gain entrance to the Union in July 1865. //// The flags were classified as "hasty flags," with stars sewed just on one side and not intended to fly. These flags were to be used just to drape. //// The Museum of Southern History in Jacksonville, Florida, has one of these flags called the "Applegate Flag." Major Lewis Applegate was a surgeon with the 102nd New York Regiment. It is dated April 15, 1865 though it is not known how it came into his possession. Lincoln was the first president to be embalmed and there is the possibility that Applegate might have been involved in the procedure. The flag had been passed down through the major's family for generations. //// --Old Secesh

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