Friday, December 20, 2013

"Saw Horrors Enough for a Century:" Seven Days Battles-- Part 6

"I saw Lanty day before yesterday and Eugene yesterday. both well. I wish I could see you all. I sent Mary a relic from the battle field Tuesday by Willy. If Charley M. is with you tell him I am anxious to have him.

"Please lay out [$3.00?] in [letter?] for Cousin May & send it by Expr.(express). She is most kind and hospitable. I will send you the money in my next.

"Oh, please prepare me some rye for coffee, a good deal, there are six in my mess, I do so need something hot in the morning. I have not had coffee for months.

"Our breakfast this morning was baked bread and onions! I hear your rye is as good as other's coffee.

"Let me know the expense, you know it comes out of six pockets. Please send this at once and by Express care C.A. Gwa?. Thank you much for your letter & Belle for her P.S. Does the latter ever write [to people?]

"My best love to Sister Sue & Nannie. I hope Pa is well again. How is Peggy. My love to her. I am important now & say unto people go and they goeth. Also my pay has been raised. that is I get $100 & my rations equal $125 or 130. Good bye.

" I so delight in C. Minor with me. I can & hope give him a much better pay that I promised him but I am not altogether certain.

"B. Lewis Blackford

A Very Informative Letter. --Old Secesh

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