Thursday, December 19, 2013

"Saw Horrors Enough for a Century:" Seven Days Battles-- Part 4

"Eugene lost 13 of his 23 men in that charge and had his pistol shot away by a grape shot. But to think of McClelland's report. Maj. Gen. Liar! A more utter & complete rout never disgraced a nation 25000 of their discarded muskets have been already turned over to our Gov. & not less than 60000 overcoats. //// he destroyed everything and fifty millions of dollars will not repay their losses in property and arms in nothing but the celerity with which his left wing took flight before they were saved them.. the centre & right of the Yankees fought well." //// I imagine Blackford was referring to Union General McClellan's battle report. ///// --Old Secesh

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