Saturday, December 21, 2013

Information From Benjamin Lewis Blackford's Letter

I just recently finished transcribing this very informative letter. Some interesting points: 1. How bloody the Seven Days Battles were. // 2. The poignant story of the wounded Union soldier. // 3. Union doctors were able to stay on the battlefield to tend to their wounded. // 4. The Confederate charge (evidently at Malvern Hill against the massed Union artillery. // 5. Union General McClellan's report covering up the real losses. //// From the Union letters he collected: 6. That the enemy's soldiers weren't fighting because they loved the slaves, that they actually considered their freedom to threaten wages paid to northerners. 7. They considered themselves fighting against aristocracy (and he admitted they were). //// 8. Getting coffee was very difficult and he would settle for rye coffee. // 9. Mess mates shared in the expense of their food. // 10. As an officer, he was getting $100 a month along with $25-30 for rations. //// 11. I wasn't sure who C. Minor was, who was with him at camp. Perhaps a slave, but Blackford mentioned paying him? //// All in All, a Very Interesting and Informative Letter. --Old Secesh

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