Wednesday, December 18, 2013

You "Ain't" Just Whistlin' "Dixie." the Song-- Part 3: "We Have Fairly Captured It"

The song was a big hit both North and South and used at the the 1861 inauguration of Confederate President Jefferson Davis. //// After Lee surrendered, effectively ending the war, Union President Lincoln had this to say about the song: "I have always thought 'Dixie' was one of the best tunes I have ever heard. Our adversarie over the way attempted to appropriate it, but I insisted today that we had fairly captured it...I now request the band to favor me with its performance. It is good to show the rebels that with us they will be free to hear it again." Thus went another Lincoln gesture toward reunification. //// Sadly, today the song is viewed by many in a very negative light despite the fact there are no racial words or slogans. //// --Old Secesh

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