Saturday, December 28, 2013

"Gone With the Wind" Items Displayed-- Part 3

Jim Tumblin bought Scarlett O'Hara's shantytown dress first, after seeing it on the studio floor and learning it was going to be thrown away. He bought it and a rack of clothes from other movies for $20. (You have to wonder what these would be worth today?) //// But, things got considerably more expensive and he had to pay $8,500 for Scarlett's straw hat from the Twelve Oaks barbecue and $50,000 for Vivian Leigh's Academy Award. //// He also has a copy of the script Selznick gave Hattie McDowell, who became the first black to win an Academy Award. //// Next year, 2014, will be the 75th anniversary of GWTW (that's be "Gone With the Wind). //// --Old Secesh

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