Monday, March 10, 2014

Battle Flag of "Bloody 6th" NC Conserved-- Part 2

The Cedar Fork Rifles Preservation Society raised the money to restore the flag. The museum has about 125 flags, only 30 of which have been preserved and cleaned. //// The 6th North Carolina was formed in Charlotte in May 1861 and was the only North Carolina regiment at the Battle of Bull Run in August of that year. Its Colonel, Charles Fisher, was killed at the battle and the famed Fort Fisher at Wilmington named for him. //// The 6th fought in all of the major battles of the Army of Northern Virginia. The day it was captured, it was a new flag that had replaced a series of other tattered ones. It is not known who was carrying it, but the Union soldier who came to possess it was Joseph Kimball of Littleton, New Hampshire. He was awarded one of the 57 medals handed out that day. (Was it a Medal of Honor?) //// It is missing one star which was probably cut off as a souvenir. //// Glad to Have It Available for Viewing Again. --Old Secesh

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