Monday, March 17, 2014

Civil War Indentity Puzzle Solved-- Part 3

The copy in New York had a 1910 note made by Lt. John Hays (in the picture) and identified many of the soldiers. (A huge help and something people should always do on the backs of any old photographs for future historians.) Hays was in his 20s when the phto was taken and in his 70s in 1910. //// Unfortunately, I have not been able to find the picture. //// On the right of the group is Captain David Crist, then about 47, who was killed on May 30, 1864, at Totopotomy Creek outside of Richmond. Also in the photo is British-born Sgt. Thomas Bradley who was awrded the Medal of Honor many years after the war for action at the Battle of Chancellorsville. //// James Crist, about 28, was wounded and captured near Totopotomy Creek and later died at the Andersonville prison camp. (It is not clear whether Captain Crist and James Crist were related.) Chester Judson, about 18, was killed by a sniper September 14, 1864, in trenches near Petersburg, Virginia. //// -- Old Secesh

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