Friday, March 28, 2014

Fort Duffield

From the March 27,2014, Courier-Journal "Auction will benefit Fort Duffield. //// And, I had never heard of it. //// Fort Duffield Park and Historic Site is located about 20 miles from downtown Louisville. This Union Civil War fort sits 300 feet above West Point and includes a 1000-foot-long earthen wall, a cemetery and park area. //// General William T. Sherman ordered a fort built here in 1861 to protect Union supply lines going south along the old Louisville & Nashville Turnpike through Elizabethtown. //// The Fort Duffield Benefit Auction will be held this Friday by West Point's Fort Duffield Heritage Committee is conducting it, but may run into a problem because of the NCAA Tournament Kentucky-Louisville game on Friday. //// Ten gun emplacements have been located which would have been manned by members of the 9th Michigan Infantry Regiment. The 172 acres were once in Fort Knox. //// West Point was a supply depot for the Union Army for goods brought in by river and then transferred by wagon elsewhere. ////--Old Secesh

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