Saturday, March 8, 2014

Trees to Be Planted for Every Civil War Death

From the November 30, 2012, National Trust for Historic Preservation "History, Memory, Trees: A Civil War reflection at Oatlands" by Katherine Malone-France. //// Oatlands, a former wheat plantation at Leesburg, Virginia, and a historic site of the National Trust had the first of a planned 620,000 trees planted, one for every soldier who died in the war. These trees will be planted along a corridor between Monticello and Gettysburg. //// It is part of the Living Legacy Program and eventually there will be a total of 400 planted at Oatlands. The trees will be geo-tagged and smart-phone users can learn the story behind each soldiers honored with a tree. //// The Rev.W. Morton Brown said: "We struggle to try to make sense of this conflict-- to forgive its horrors, celebrate its nobility and comprehend its enduring consequences. //// This first tree is dedicated to an unknown soldier. //// --Old Secesh

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