Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Oyster's Point, Pa., High Point of Confederate Gettysburg Campaign

From the June 26, 2013, (Pa) Sentinel by Janel Knight. //// The Confederates never made it to Pennsylvania's capital, Harrisburg, but they came close. On June 29th, just three miles west of Harrisburg in what is now Camp Hill, Union forces waited at Oyster's Point. //// In 1863, the Carlisle Pike and Trindle Road intersected at Oyster's Point. The name of the site came from the family who lived there, not from oysters. They owned a tavern. //// The Confederates were commanded by Brigadier General Albert Gallatin Jenkins. Facing him were mostly green Union troops hastily assembled for the capital's defense. //// General Richard Ewell's 15,000 troops in the Army of Northern Virginia's 2nd Corps were awaiting word from Jenkins as to whether or not to attack Harrisburg. //// Before anything major could come about, Confederate General Robert E. Lee ordered all forces to concentrate at Gettysburg. //// --Old Secesh

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