Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Chicago Murder and Shooting Stats for 2016

All the while the black folks are attacking all-things Confederate because of the slavery thing and the Charleston murderer, perhaps they should be more concerned with these stats.

From Hey Jackass: Chicago Murder, Crime and Mayhem site about Chicago murders and shootings.

Final numbers for 2016:

Shot and Killed:  714
Shot and Wounded:  3665
Total Shot:  4379

So Far This Year:

Shot and Killed:  12
Shot and Wounded:  74

And, NONE of them were killed by a Confederate Flag or Memorial.  Most of these killed and wounded are blacks.  Most of the people doing the shootings are black.

And, the Charleston murderer killed 9.

By the way, U.S. killed in Afghanistan for 2016:  15

Makes You Wonder, Doesn't It.  You Black Community Activists Need to Get Your Priorities Right.  --Old Secesh.

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