Sunday, January 8, 2017

Confederate Veterans Settled in McLean County After War-- Part 1

From the October 9, 2016, Bloomington (Ill.) Pantagraph "PFOP: Confederetae veterans settled here after the war."

Twenty-five or more Confederate veterans are buried in Illinois' McLean County (Route 66 ran through it).

William B. Strode is buried at Wiley Cemetery.  He was with John Hunt Morgan during his raid on Indiana and Ohio in the summer of 1863.  Captured by Union forces in July 1863 and sent to Camp Douglas in Chicago.

After the war he settled in Shirley.  While living there, he recognized a local resident named John Foster.  During Morgan's Raid, Foster's family was living in Ohio and Strode had taken an uninvited and unwelcome nap at their home.

Strode died in 1892 and was buried at the Shirley Cemetery but later was reinterred at Scrogin Hill.  (Scogin Hill Cemetery).

--Old Secesh

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