Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 399: Wal-Mart's Two-Faced Handling of Flags and T-Shirts

From the December 23, 2016, Google Alerts for Confederate.

This one really bothers me.

**  Wal-Mart Pulls Back Black Lives Matter "Bullet Proof" T-Shirts After Police Union Objection.

Wal-Mart's statement:  "Like other online retailers, we have a market place with millions of items offered by third parties that include Black Lives Matter."

However, in 2015, the store removed all items having to do with the Confederacy.

There is no doubt a connection between the BLM movement and the murders of police across the country as well as the vandalizing of Confederate monuments by their people.

If they would remove Confederate articles after the Charleston murders, why in the world would they show support for BLM?

The Shame of Wal-Mart.  Perhaps a Boycott Is In Order.  --Old Secesh

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