Monday, January 2, 2017

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 395: (l)ouisville's Shame

From the Google Alerts for Confederate December 13, 2016.

**  (l)ouisville's controversial Confederate monument reassembled in Bradenburg.  (Kentucky)  (l)ouisville's shame is Brandenburg's shining moment.

The monument was certainly not controversial to me.  Too bad the shamed city took it down as I was planning on going to the Kentucky Derby this year.

No more Browns for me, at least in the shamed city.

How do you pronounce (l)ouisville:  (l)ewisville or (l)ouieville?.  I pronounce it Shameville.

Reckon That Won't Be Happening Now.  But, I Do Plan To Go to Brandenburg.  --Old Secesh

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