Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Pender County's Burgaw Depot

From the Burgaw website.

During the Civil War, the Wilmington and Weldon Railroad, which ran through Burgaw, N.C., was a vital Confederate lifeline.  Confederate troops were transported along it and wounded and sick soldiers sent south from Virginia to hospitals.

Even more so, military equipment and supplies, brought into the Confederacy by blockade-runners from nearby Wilmington passed through here on its way to Richmond.  The interior of the station still bears charred remains from when a Union cavalry detachment attacked it in 1863.

After the fall of Wilmington on February 22, 1865, the depot station became a Confederate headquarters for retreating troops and it soon fell thereafter to Union forces.  For over a week in February, over 6,000 prisoners were held there while negotiations for a massive exchange took place between Richmond and Washington, D.C..

Pender County, named for a Confederate Civil War general, was the last of the 100 North Carolina counties formed, when, in 1875, it was split off from Wilmington's New Hanover County.

This is also the county where my Mom's condo is located at Topsail Beach.

--Old Secesh

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