Monday, January 9, 2017

Mr. Strode and the Scogin Hill Cemetery

Scogin Hill Cemetery is located in two townships in McLean County: Dale and Bloomington.  There is also mention of a Scrogin Hill Cemetery in Lexington.  I also found that two War of 1812 veterans are buried there.  (See my Not So Forgotten War of 1812 Blog for today for more on this.)

This is the final resting place of William B. Strode, Confederate veteran.  He was originally buried in the Shirley Cemetery.

I can't find a lot of information on this cemetery, but a picture of its entrance has the date 1828.  Evidently, it is on a family named Scogin's land.  Quite a few Scogins are buried there.  There are 753 internments listed in it.

One is for William Bryand Strode with dates July 31, 1841 and death September 21, 1892.

He married Mary Thomas Jackson Strode (1851-1951).

Other persons with the Strode name buried there:

Lloyd Strode
Baby Strode
Theresse Strode

--Old secesh

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