Thursday, June 22, 2017

Civil War II-- 481: St. Louis Continues Its Sad March to Shame

From Google Alerts for Confederate June 8, 2017.

**  More barricades are up around Confederate Memorial as the city moves toward bringing it down.  (St. Louis)  (Loss)  This is the first stage toward removing it.  The statue is 38 feet high, weighs 40 tons and was erected 103 years ago.  The city now plans to store it indefinitely.

So sad for St. Louis that it would join the ranks of the shamed.  And, I really like St. Louis, but will now boycott it.

Here is something to think about.  William Clark of the famed Lewis and Clark Expedition owned a slave named York and took him along with it.  There is this big arch in St. Louis in honor of the expedition.  That makes it a slave expedition.  If the monument in Forest Park has to come down because of its slavery connections.

Just Thinking.  --Old Secesh

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